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  • According to Feng Shui, the croton plant, if cared for properly and kept in the east or the south-east part of the house, will channelise good energy in the house.

    The splash of colour that they bring along with them adds life to the home décor and based on the colour of the croton plant, they may blend with your walls too.


    • While croton plants have safety concerns, industries use them to make medicines.
    • These plants help purify the air quality in the house.
    • Colourful croton pants also have a great impact on one’s mental health and spread positivity in the house.
  • SUNLIGHT: As the beauty of the croton plant is the colour on the leaves, they cannot grow as desired if there is not enough sunlight. However, the sunlight should not be harsh.


    • The croton plant is a humidity-loving plant and so it has to be watered frequently.
    • However, do not make the soil soggy. This will lead to the roots decaying.
    • Water the croton plant whenever the top soil becomes dry.
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